Things to Do Before You Head to Your SELT Center

ace your SELTJust before you head straight on for your SELT Center to take your required exam, there are a couple of things for you to do first. Remember, that a Secure English Language Test is a huge thing considering the fact that it is part of the visa application process in the United Kingdom. Failure to pass it may deny you entrance which can be a huge bummer. Now what are these things you may ask? Read on to find out.

  • Study for the test.

The right amount of preparation should help get you through the entire duration of the exam and ace it! Brush up on your skills and knowledge by reading through textbooks, articles and other relevant materials. Practice on your own or with the help of a friend or relative. There are materials online such as sample exams that can help prepare you for your SELT. You can even enroll in a review center where professionals can help you prepare better should you need the extra helping hand. However you wish to do this, see to it that you study for it.

  • Book a schedule.

Call up your preferred Secure English Language Test Center and inquire. You will have to book a schedule first before you can take one. Be reminded to also bring the necessary documents and papers required for the booking. These can vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the type of exam that you will be taking. Most exams require a minimum of seven days before testing date for you to book a schedule.

  • Eat up and drink up.

Before the exam itself, see to it that you have fed yourself well. Do not in any way starve yourself out of fear and nerves. Be sure that you drink up water or juices too. Avoid caffeine at all costs and prefer the healthier food options. At the same time see to it that you do not overindulge and eat way more than is necessary. You do not want to look famished while taking your SELT.

  • Shake your nerves away.

Before you reach your designated SELT center, see to it that you have managed to shake all those nerves and anxiety away. Breaths properly, think positively and relax. You will get through this and ace the test. There is no need to feel anxious.

  • Expert advice

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